Priority Focus

Have you ever been pressured to select priorities? When you get to work and want a quick and updated overview of all your and your people´s tasks, can you entered one place, where do you have a look at? Do you ever change priorities according to your company’s situation and needs? Do you want to prepare for an important meeting just a few minutes before?

If you answer YES, we have a agile solution for you!

The Priority Focus is a simple complex of tools for tracking, evaluating, focusing on all kinds of yours and company tasks.

Priority Focus allows you to instantly update your tasks and reports it. You will get a shared database with access control and permissions for specific users. This tools serves management and line staff from small to big companies.

Enables online tracking of task and goals development, reminder, delegation, or extension/change of work team, storing procedure, serves as the company’s Best Practice Knowledge Base, also applicable to evaluating keys business (KPI) and strategic goals , annual / performance appraisals, etc.

But The Priority Focus is different, than you know. It does´t follow the company structure, it does not follow the formations, but our T.P.F. is strong in the implementation of strategies. Suitable for owners, managers. You will be able to monitor the rightly activities, that leads to the company’s visions.

It means for you one-time installation only at the location you specify and we will do it and fine-tune it according to the contractual specifics. We also provide remote annual security patches. You´ll get a license forever, ofcourse. Additional services can be arranged at any time, as well as regular upgrades to your Software.

More questions? Please write to us. We will visit you…